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    Khao lak is located in Phang Nga Province, Thailand, full of natural beauty that blends perfectly together. Cultural experiences and quiet beaches Here are the highlights of what you can enjoy in Khao lak

    Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Thailand 

    This trip will be a relaxing drift of your entire day, so you have ample of time to enjoy the activities: first, you’ll be among our elephants, becoming part of their routine. You’ll be their friend who bathes them and plays with  them in the water.

    • Become friends with our elephants. Some of these elephants are orphans and grow up in the sanctuary. So, they’re looking forward to having you as their new friend. They’re huge, majestic, but very gentle creatures with different personalities. The longer you get to know them, the more you know about their personalities. Our staff give them unique names based on those personalities. No, they’re not for riding or any kind of hard labor.
    • Our sanctuary has been certified by a government agency to forbid any such cruelty to such endangered animals. For centuries, elephants have been part of Thai culture—glory and pride of the kingdom. We’ll keep it that way. In addition to that, it’s also rooted in Buddhism that elephants are the incarnations of our ancestors. Therefore, cruelty to them is not only a sin but also punishable by law. Aside from that, you’re invited to hang out with them as long as you want. Your activities can be as follows: Feeding elephants, bathing elephants, walking along with elephants as they are living their daily life in the sanctuary.

    Nature,Waterfalls Tour

    Feel the coolness. and have fun with the waterfall

    “Adventure Rafting, ATV Riding and Flying Fox”

    If you are seeking a day filled with excitement and fun, then this one is for you!

    The day starts with white water rafting followed by a visit to Tone Pariwat Sanctuary Station, a beautiful place abundant with flora and fauna. Zip line through the jungle canopy on the “Flying Fox”! The pace steps up again with the opportunity to experience ATV motorcycle riding through the forests on designated trails!

    Sanctuary for elephants, sea turtles Tour

    Our lovingly nurtured Elephant Sanctuary, Khao Lak happily invites you for a truly special, inspiring, and equally humbling elephant experience in an original surrounding while respectfully making friends with these gentle giants. At our ethical and eco-tourism sustainable based Elephant Sanctuary, elephants can just be elephants.

    Experience the Sea Turtle Conversation Cente

    Island,Phang Nga Bay Tour

    One of the most popular tours from Khao Lak! Everyone knows James Bond Island (Thai: Khao Phing Kan) from the movie “The Man with the Golden Gun!” This famous island

    You will see beautiful limestone islands. Stunning scenery One of the most interesting mangrove forests in Thailand. Explore sea caves by canoe! Visit Panyee Fishing Village where you can see the local seafarers going about their daily activities. Prepare to be amazed and don’t forget your camera!

    Art & Thai culture (3 Temples) Tour

    “Visit Suwan Kuha Cave, Golden Mercy and Dragon Cave Temples”

    For centuries, generations of Thais have been practicing and teaching Buddhism so that it has become a way of life for most of the population.

    Phang Nga has got a lot of temples, but three stand out as spectacular sites! Visit these three magnificent temples and learn of their historical importance and view the awe-inspiring beauty. This tour may just inspire you enough that you may open your mind to the way and teachings of Buddhism too.


    “Canoeing in a Pristine BanyanTree Forest, Unique Takuapa Old Town and Temples visits!”

    Travel to Takuapa Old Town and see the traditional life and culture of this small and historical town which has remained nearly unchanged for more than a hundred years.

    See the almost 200 years old buildings, coffee shops, and of course the most famous part of Takuapa, the old tin mines and factories that were used until their closure in the 1920’s.

    Bamboo rafting Tour

    Natural vibe on a relaxing Bamboo Raft trip down the jungle river.

    Bamboo rafting, experiencing nature and breathe fresh air Amidst the beauty of the forest

    Travel to various islands snorkeling
    Look at the coral under the sea.

    Take a boat trip to see the beauty of the Similan Islands. Surin Islands White sand beach, clear water Snorkel to see sea fish and corals.

    Holiday at  Similan Islands Tour

    • Spend a day floating around the coral world. Join a snorkeling tour by speedboat to the Similan Islands. These 11 islands and crystal-clear waters are home to many land and sea creatures. including tropical birds Magnificent sea turtle and strange clown fish Two islands are open to walkers. It offers unrivaled views across the archipelago.

    Delight at Surin Island Tour

    • Surin Island is located in Mu Ko Surin National Park. Surin Island is a home of endangered marine life such as Whale shark , sea turle. The famous diving spot “Richelieu rock” is also part of the national park. Surin island is also a home of Sea Gypsy who was lived there long time ago and now is the last group in Thailand that still originally live.

    Standard Car

    1 – 2 Persons | 2 luggage  | 2 backpacks

    Starting price : 1,800   1,600 Baht
    (Price for the area in khaolak and Bang niang  zone)

    VAN (Private Family Car)

    1 – 9 persons | 6 luggage  | 2 backpacks

    Starting price : 2,200   1,800 Baht
    (Price for the area in khaolak and Bang niang  zone)

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